Mark Zuckerberg Spoke at Harvard and No One Showed Up

…in 2005 ūüôā

A very young Mark Zuckerberg¬†begins the lecture by rambling on some specifics on how Facebook¬†was built, but after 10¬†min or so he catches himself and just takes on questions. You can really tell just how focused in on Facebook he was at this point…

Lots of surprisingly good nuggets in here that have stood the test of time. Favorite part is at 59:29 where he talks about how his parents argued with him about creating side projects while in school saying,

“What good could possibly come from doing something new?”

He laughs and then ends it by saying

“they didn’t buy it… but now they do.”

Leading The Pack In 2017

Back in the day when I was working for a digital marketing agency, one of the industry buzzwords I heard an obnoxious amount of times was the term

“Thought Leadership.”

While I personally believe that labeling yourself using trendy buzzwords automatically disqualifies you from falling into said label, here are some people who I think are currently leading the pack.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise:
Tim Ferriss
Mr. Money Mustache
The Art Of Manliness

YouTube Channels that are¬†straight ūüĒ•:
Casey Neistat

Podcasts Worth Your Time:
–¬†The Bill Simmons Podcast¬†(All Things Sports)
–¬†The Tim Ferriss Show¬†(Business/Interviews)

Best Hot Takes on New Tech:
Sam Sheffer
John Gruber (Daring Fireball)
Owen Williams

Web Designers Who Know Their Stuff:
–¬†Luke Wroblewski
–¬†Brad Frost
Chris Coyier ( /

Web Developers Who Build Rad Things:
Una Kravets
Sara Soueidan
Dave Rupert